1907 Princess Louise Battenberg by de Laszlo (location unknown)

She married Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden after his first wife, Margaret of Connaught died and was Queen-Consort of Sweden from 1950 until she died in 1965. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Upgrade image posted 22 April 2016 from irushonok.livejournal.com/280374.html; the left half of the upper edge and the top half of the right edge were fixed with Photoshop and three spots in the background were also fixed with Photoshop. This is the largest version of this portrait that I can find on the Internet.

1907 Princess Louise Battenberg by de Laszlo (location unknown) UPGRADE From irushonok.livejournal.com:280374.html

Louise wears a bouffant coiffure and wide feathered hat and an off-shoulder dress in this 1907 de Laszlo portrait.

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