Amelia, Isabelle, and Louise

In these photos, Amelie is always to the left, Louise wears a Diana’s crescent jewel in her hair, while Isabelle wears a circular jewel in her hair. The dark band in the lower left corner of the left image is not print; it is caused by deep shadows.

Amelie’s Subalbum is here, Princess Louise’s Subalbum is here, and Princess Isabelle’s Subalbum is here.

The left image is from; larger spots were removed with Photoshop. The right image is from; the largest spots were removed with Photoshop and the contrast was increased and the exposure reduced.

Amelia, Isabelle, and Louise

Amelie strikes a textbook S-bend in the right image. Her bodice has three ornaments just below the neckline. Isabelle’s dress has a belt and a fan-fronted bodice. Louis’e bare shoulder sleeves date this to the turn of the last century.

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