1905 (May) Wilhelm Hohenzollern and Cecilie by Atelier Bieber

Women were among the pioneer photographers including Emilie Bieber (1810-1884). Her family kept the business and Emil Bieber took it over in 1911. He left Germany in 1938 to flee Hitler and went to South Africa, settled in Capetown, and was a renowned photographer there. He died in 1962.

Upgrade image posted 21 March 2014 also from eBay; background fixed with Photoshop and sepia tone removed by gogm.

1905 (May) Wilhelm Hohenzollern and Cecilie by Atelier Bieber EB deflaw detint

Cecilie's sleeves are shaped like sleeves around 1890, but an overcoat has to fit over other clothing to keep the wearer warm.

Keywords:  1905, Bieber - Atelier, Princess Cecilie, Duchess, Crown Princess, Mecklenburg-Schwerin family, Hohenzollern family, German, bouffant coiffure, floral hat, blouse, high enclosing neckline, pin, coat, high neckline, lapels, long close sleeves, buttons, close skirt, parasol

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