1914 Cecilie war time post card by Esch

Upgrade image posted 23 October 2015 from eBay; sepia tone removed by gogm. The original 2011 eBay posting showed the back of the card with printing to show it is a war time card and a 1914 postmark.

1914 Cecilie war time post card by Esch eBay UPGRADE despot detint

Cecilie is wearing subdued, but pretty, dress in keeping with war time with a checkered skirt and plain jacket with simple blouse.

Keywords:  1914, Esch, Princess Cecilie, Duchess, Crown Princess, Mecklenburg-Schwerin family, Hohenzollern family, German, hat, blouse, high neckline, coat, lapels, long close sleeves, belt, close skirt, necklace, bracelets

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