1917 Cecilie and Cecilie post card

Cecilie looks worse for wear in this photo. This photo was taken under extraordinary circumstances. The UK clamped a successful embargo on Germany so food was scarce, so much so that a German offensive launched in 1918 stalled when the soldiers stopped to eat in well-stocked French shops in towns they had captured. The German troops were shocked by their privation compared to French abundance. The offensive ran out of steam, having had no objective in mind. A British attack, using armor and modern "combined arms" techniques that Imperial Germany could not match, began soon after with an objective in mind and so began the end of the Hohenzollerns.

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1917 Cecilie and Cecilie post card  EB

Cecilie found a gorgeous lace dress with a vee neckline and criss-cross bodice for this photo with her namesake born in 1917.

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