1916 (signature date on back of card) Elisabeth of Belgium oval post card

The photo was presumably one of a set taken right before the war; he commanded Belgian forces, Elisabeth was nurse, and their son was a private in their army. The War had to be hard on Elisabeth since there were Bavarians who were among the uninvited guests in Belgium. She died in 1965 and had to have had a harder time when the Nazis occupied Belgium. She stuck it out, helping Jews escape the Nazis and, when the opportunity presented itself, allowed her palace to be used as HQ of the British XXX Corps. She presented XXX Corps' commander General Horrocks with its mascot, a young wild boar named 'Chewing Gum.'

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1916 (signature date on back of card) Elisabeth of Belgium oval post card EB

Elisabeth's dress has an over-bodice with a pair of wing-like over-sleeves fringed with lace. The over-sleeves create a trapezoidal neckline.

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