1906 Baroness deForest from The Bystander


A check of Wikipedia and thepeerage found this article from thepeerage, "Hon. Ethel Catherine Hannah Gerard F, #418451, b. 16 May 1881, d. 27 September 1966

Hon. Ethel Catherine Hannah Gerard was born on 16 May 1881. She married Arnold Maurice de Bendern, Baron de Bendern, son of Baron unknown Hirsch, on 11 February 1904. She died on 27 September 1966 at age 85.

She was the daughter of William Cansfield Gerard, 2nd Baron Gerard of Bryn and Mary Emmeline Laura Milner. From 11 February 1904, her married name became de Bendern.” 

From eBay; edges fixed with Photoshop by gogm.

1906 Baroness deForest from The Bystander EB all edges fixed with Photoshop

Baroness deForest wears a blouson top, probably with elbow-length sleeves, decorated with lace or embroidery in this 1906 photo.

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