1906 Lady Helen Vincent by Lionel de Rothschild (Rothschild archives)

From www.courant.com/entertainment/arts/hc-yale-lady-helen-vincent-0303.jpg-20130228; flaws throughout image fixed with Photoshop and image size doubled by gogm.

While the rose just above the waist band in the last image cannot be seen, the rest of her dress matches it. She is using leaves instead of flowers to decorate her Merry Widow hat.

Keywords:  1906, de RothschildLady Helen Vincent,, Viscountess D'Abernon, Duncombe family, Vincent family, Viscountess, British, bouffant coiffure, floral hat, high neckline, three quarter length flared sleeves, cuffs, lace, waist band, natural waistline, close skirt, floral bodice ornament, pin

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