1905 Marchesa Casati in lace dress

This Pragmatic Costumer article shows how a stylish woman had to wear layers of underclothes to comply with social requirements for modesty when wearing a sheer negligée-like dress like this.

From fawnvelveteen.tumblr.com/post/94050147552/beautiful-1905-dress-worn-by-marchesa-luisa-casati; removed moncolor tint and fixed size at 30 cm high at 28.35 pixels/cm.

1905 Marchesa Casati in lace dress From fawnvelveteen.tumblr.com/post/94050147552/beautiful-1905-dress-worn-by-marchesa-luisa-casati detint

This is the era of negligée dresses and the Marchesa’s is right in step. Sleeve details can be seen in the next image.

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