1900s Lady Ottoline Morrell


This image comes from Beautiful Century Blog.

1900s Lady Ottoline Morrell from Beautiful Century blog

Lady Ottoline Morrell was an eclectic dresser as shown in this photo of her from the 1900s.

Her flickr photo posted by Gatochy has this description, "Lady Ottoline Morrell, Bloomsbury Group society and literary hostess, sometimes wore extravagant Turkish robes and dyed her hair a soft purple. Here it is parted in the middle. swept up with combs, and probably pinned over hair pads to create the exaggerated rolls of hair which were fashionable at the time. Wherever she appeared, Lady Ottoline invariably caught the eye; Quentin Bell, the son of Clive and Vanessa Bell, described her as 'that fantastic baroque flamingo...'"

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