1908 (August) Lady Ottoline Morrell at the beach by Philip Edward Morrell (National Portrait Gallery- London, UK)

From lady-ottoline-morrell.tumblr.com/?og=1; doubled size and removed sepia tone.

NPG Ax140034; Lady Ottoline Morrell

This is the first posting of a bathing suit, a very subdued dark garment with a decorated bodice and midi-length knickers. It has a bow-less triangular sailor top.

Keywords:  1908, Morrell-Philip Edward, Ottoline Morrell, Cavendish-Bentinck family, Morrell family, British, wavy coiffure, headdress, bodice, sailor top, vee neckline, reverse vee waistline, natural waistline, mini-length skirt, midi-length knickers, bathing suit

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