1921 Alice of Greece with infant Prince Philip

From pinterest.com/dianariveraguil/royals/; removed monocolor tint, increased contrast, and enlarged by half.

1921 Alice of Greece with infant Prince Philip From pinterest.com/dianariveraguil/royals/ detint X 1.5 increased contrast

This photo of Princess Alice shows some aspects of pre-war style lasting to shortly after the war. But it is simpler than pre-war dresses.

Keywords:  1921, Princess Alice of Greece, Αλίκη του Μπάττενμπεργκ, Princess Alice of Battenberg, Victoria Alice Elizabeth Julia Marie, Princess, Battenberg-Mountbatten family, Glucksburg family, Windsor family, wavy coiffure, earrings, necklace, jacket, three quarter length close sleeves, over-bodice, vee décolletage, under-bodice, square neckline, brooch, close skirt

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