Ena holding part of her dress or a wrap

From antique-royals.tumblr.com; removed sepia tone.

Ena holding part of her dress or a wrap From antique-royals.tumblr.com detint

This photo shows more of Ena’s dress then the last image, including the sequins and embroidery decorating her lower skirt.

Keywords:  Victoria Eugenie, Ena, reina de España, Queen of Spain, Battenberg-Mountbatten family, Borbón family, Princess, Queen, wavy coiffure, bun, necklace, earrings, pouter pigeon bodice, off shoulder neckline, puffed cloth ornaments, quarter length puffed upper sleeves, elbow length tight lower sleeves, arm bands, flared cuffs, close skirt, clasps, bracelets, wrap

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