Countess Forres

Forres is on the south shore of Scotland's second big east coast inlet that leads to the Great Glen formed by Lochs Ness, Lochy, and Linnhe. The Great Glen was formed by a strike slip fault, no longer active, where one slab moves horizontally past the other instead of diving below, subducting, the other. I live near today's most well-known strike slip fault - the San Andreas fault. From what I saw of Loch Ness with its brownish water (from peet content), there is insufficient biological activity to support a large animal such as a plesiosaur.

I cannot get any information about Countess Forres. Forres is in the out-of-use County Moray. The strike slip fault went inactive millions of years before 1975 when County Moray was relegated to census and land registration uses.

From the USA Library of Congress Bain collection; spots throughout the image fixed with Photoshop by gogm.

Countess Forres LC Bain despot

The Countess wears a dress that could date to just before or just after World War I. The vest section may be sewn on around the upper bodice.

Keywords:  Countess, British, straight coiffure, bun, square neckline, vest bodice, necklace, earrings

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