1911 (12 July) Kaiser Karl Habsurg and Zita by Carl Pietzner

The marriage of Karl and Zita was extremely important to the Habsburg dynasty - Crown Prince Rudolf had died in a probable murder-sucide pact, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was out of the running due to nasty Habsburg family politics, and Emperor Franz Joseph was very old.

Posted to the Alexander Palace Time Machine Discussion Forum by Irina Alexandrovna on 23 June 2009; greenish tint removed by gogm.

1911 (12 July) Kaiser Karl Habsurg and Zita by Carl Pietzner removed greenish tint

Zita's dress has a blouson bodice - to be replaced by over hanging bodices the following year - in this probable engagement photo.

Keywords:  1911, Pietzner, Empress Zita, Princess, Empress, Borbone family, Habsburg family, Italian, bouffant coiffure, square neckline, blouson bodice, elbow length close sleeves, waist band, bows, shallow basque waistline, close skirt, floral bodice ornament, necklace, bracelets, wrap

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