1646 Anna Salome von Salm-Reifferscheidt (Mädchengymnasium B.M.V., Essen)

She was Princess-Abbess of Essen Abbey. The guide2womenleaders.com has this about some of the territories in the Holy Roman Empire:  "Among the many principalities of of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation were a number of Ecclesiastical Territories were ruled by an Abbess with the title of Princess-Abbess (Fürstäbtissin or Reichsäbtissin). The Imperial Immediacies (Reichsfreiheit or Reichsunmittelbarkeit) held a privileged feudal and political status under the direct authority of the Holy Roman Emperor and the Imperial Diet, without any intermediary Liege lord(s) and therefore had the right to collect taxes and tolls and held juridical rights themselves. The territories held seats in the College of Prelates of Swabia or the Rhine, which held a joint vote in the College of Princes of the Diet of the Holy Roman Empire. Many of the numerous other minor Convents, Abbeys and Ladies Chapters functioned as landowners, regional ladies and fiefholders and exercised the lower court right."

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1646 Anna Salome von Salm-Reifferscheidt (Mädchengymnasium B.M.V., Essen) mod

Keywords:  1646, Princess, German, Essen, jeweled headdress, scoop neckline, elbow length puffed sleeves, chemise, cuffs, slashed bodice, vee waistline, full skirt, robes, necklace, earrings, clasp

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