1665 Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle by Sir Peter Lely (location unknown to gogm)

These are excerpts from her Wikipedia article;  "...Extreme Bashfulness and Health - Cavendish asserts in A True Relation of My Birth, Breeding, and Life that her bashful nature, what she described as 'melancholia' made her 'repent my going from home to see the World abroad.' This melancholic nature manifest itself in a reticence to talk about her work in public spheres, but it is something that she satirises and reconceptualises in her writing Cavendish both defined and administered self-cures for the physical manifestations of her melancholia, which included 'chill paleness,' an inability to speak, or erratic gestures.

Fashion and Fame - In her memoir, Cavendish expresses that she enjoyed inventing herself through fashion. She states that she aimed for uniqueness in her dress, thoughts and behaviour, and remarks that she disliked wearing the same fashions as other women. She also expresses her desire to achieve fame. Several passages of her memoir remark upon her virtuous character, and she states that while she acknowledges the goodness in others, she thinks it acceptable that she should hope to be better than they are. Cavendish states that she hopes to have everlasting fame..."

From pinterest.com/carolynmcash/british-history/. The caption states "Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, painted in 1665 by Peter Lely to celebrate the granting of the Dukedom by King Charles II."

1665 Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle by Sir Peter Lely (location unknown to gogm) From pinterest.com/carolynmcash/british-history/.jpg

Not too many portraits of Ladies dressed to go out in public exist for this era, but this shows the dress of a 1665 fashion rebel in public.

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