Duchesse de Fontanges attribué à Pierre Gobert (Galerie Laury-Bailly - Paris France)

From proantic.com; image made lighter by gogm. The sitter does not look like the others in this Subalbum, but the vendor asserts the sitter is (Google translation follows) "Marie Angélique de Scorailles Roussille Duchess of Fontanges (1661 - 1681) famous for her beauty, became the mistress of Louis XIV..."

There are few portraits of one of Louis XIV's last flames. Here she wears fripon curls that are filled in, possibly in an attempt to appear more mature. Her dress has a split bodice with the lace of her chemise filling in the gap.

Keywords:  Gobert, Marie Angélique de Scorailles, Marie Angélique de Scorraille de Roussille, duchesse de Fontanges, Duchess, French, mistress, Louis XIV, long high curly coiffure, trapezoidal neckline, chemise, lace, frills, split bodice, vee decolletage, flared sleeves, robes, brooch

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