1841 (?) Countess Hélène Esterházy, née Countess Bezobrazov by Moritz Michael Daffinger (Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City, New York USA)

I can find almost nothing about her. A Russian Wikipedia article for her mother, Julia Alexandrovna Konova, has this (approximate translation) about her, "Elena (1800-1891), in 1815, was married to an employee of the Russian embassy, Count Alexander Petrovich Apraxin (1784-1845), while staying with her mother in Vienna. In 1841, at a very mature age, she married Hungarian aristocrat Count Joseph Esterházy (1791-1847)." This may be a wedding or wedding-related portrait.

Upgrade image posted 29 November 2013 also from the museum Web site.

This is an example of Biedermeier formal dress. Her dress has a very low cut straight neckline while her hurluberlu coiffure.

Keywords:  1841, Daffinger, Hélène Esterházy, Bezobrazov family, Esterházy familyCountess, Austrian, hurluberlu coiffure, chemise, off shoulder straight neckline, bodice, puffed sleeves, full skirt, floral bodice ornament, necklace

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