1849 Comtesse Charles d'Agoult, née Marie de Flavigny, and Her Daughter Claire d'Agoult by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (private collection)

The white collars and the white cuff on Claire's sleeve show this 1849 Ingres portrait of the d'Agoult Ladies was intended to be seen in sepia.

Marie's cap is flanked by lace panels, as seen on several earlier Ladies. She also wears mildly wide pagoda sleeves with under-sleeves.

Keywords:  1849, Ingres, Marie d'Agoult, Countess, French, straight coiffure, cap, lace, high neckline, collar, jacket bodice, buttons, long close sleeves, back flared cuffs, pagoda sleeves, under-sleeves, vee waistline, full skirt

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