1855 (25 August) promenade in the Galerie des Glaces, Versailles by ? (Royal Collection)

The Royal Collection’s notes for this:  "A watercolour drawing of the Galerie des Glaces at the chateau of Versailles, with many guests. At the centre is Queen Victoria on the arm of Napoleon III, with Prince Albert and the Empress behind. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales is in a kilt, accompanied by Prince Napoleon, a cousin of Napoleon III, and Victoria, Princess Royal. The gentleman in red coats ahead of the procession are Grands Officiers from the Emperor's household. Signed below : v.chavet

In August 1855 Queen Victoria and Prince Albert spent ten days in Paris, on the invitation of Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie. The historic state visit was intended to celebrate the military alliance between Britain and France in the Crimean War, and followed a visit by the imperial couple to Windsor in April that year. On 25 August there was a ball at the palace of Versailles, arranged by the Empress, and the first to be held there since the 1789 revolution. There were 1200 guests. Queen Victoria described the Galerie as 'full of people & one blaze of light from endless lustres, wreaths of flowers hanging down from the ceiling' (Journal, 25 August 1855). This watercolour shows the procession through the Galerie and several other rooms to the theatre, where they were served supper…”

These Welfs/Wettins and these Bonapartes were friends.

From pinterest.com-JeffreyYoshida-second-empire-elegance-?lp=true.

1855 (25 August) promenade in the Galerie des Glaces, Versailles by ? (Royal Collection) From pinterest.com-JeffreyYoshida-second-empire-elegance-?lp=true

Cage crinolines will come next year and the Ladies appear to be eager for the fullest possible skirts. The preponderant style is full skirt with flounces or tiers and off shoulder vee or scoop necklines.

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Queen Victoria, Alexandrina Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom, Empress of India, British, Hanover family, Wettin family, Princess, Queen, British

Empress Eugénie, Eugénie de Montijo, Condesa de Teba, impératrice des Français, de Palafox-Portocarrero de Guzmán y Kirkpatrick family, Bonaparte family, Countess, Empress, French

Princess Royal Victoria, Victoria von Großbritannien und Irland, Kronprinzessin Victoria, Crown Princess Victoria, Kaiserin Friedrich, Empress Friedrich, Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, Vicky, Wettin family, Hohenzollern family, Princess, Empress, British

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