1856 Mademoiselle Cécile Panckoucke by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (private collection)

This Mlle. Cécile Panckoucke should not be confused with Mlle. Cécile Bochet who became Mme. Panckoucke. A genealogical sketch of this Mlle. Panckoucke can be found here.

From artrenewal.org.

Mlle. Panckoucke's pose is pure Ingres. Ingres, like many portraitists, focuses on the face and reduces detail as distance from the face increases. This is an excellent example of pre-cage crinoline dress with skirt fullness provided by flounces, Her sleeves, spread wider, would be pagoda sleeves with an inner sleeve tacked in to the wide mouth of the outer sleeve.

Keywords:  1856, Ingres, Cécile Panckoucke, Panckoucke family, Tournouër family, French, straight coiffure, ribbon headdress, high neckline, jacket bodice, stomacher, buttons, epaulettes, elbow length full sleeves, bows, flounces, long full under-sleeves, cuffs, peplum, full skirt

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