1860s Countess Walenski, probably née Maria Anna di Ricci, carte de visite by André Alphonse Eugène Disdéri

I cannot find anything about a Countess (or Count) Walenski, but there was a Count Walewski, who became a French citizen when Poland was partitioned by Russia, Austria, and Prussia. There is nothing available about Countess Walewski or Walewska other than the Countess Walewska who was Napoleon (I) Bonaparte's mistress (1786-1817). Likewise, I found nothing about Maria Anna di Ricci.

Countess Walewska wears a crinoline day dress and a gorgeous lace mantlet in this Disdéri carte de visite. See the next image for more of her dress.

Keywords:  Disdéri, Countess, bonnet, bows, high neckline, mantlet, lace, crinoline

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