1861 (22 July) Countess of Lincoln Henrietta Adela Pelham Clinton, nee Hope by Camille Silvy Paul Frecker

From Paul Frecker; limited removal of spots throughout image with Photoshop and image size increased by half and sepia tone removed by gogm.

Paul Frecker has her biographical sketch and obituary here.

Paul Frecker's collection of Silvy photos shows how contemporary designers vary the crinoline theme, this time a day dress with five bands of ruching and a ruched hem. She wears moderate pagoda sleeves trimmed with ruching. The highlights of the photo are her pigtails. A trace of a vee waistline may be visible under her hand.

Keywords:  1861, Silvy, Hope family, Pelham Clinton family, Duchess, British, long straight coiffure, high neckline, collar, long pagoda sleeves, long under-sleeves, cuffs, ruching, vee waistline, crinoline, bows, maxi-length skirt

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