1861 (May 24) Viscountess Somerton, née Caroline Susan Augusta Barrington 

This is the same photo seen in the last image, but the sepia tone was removed from the photo and not the border with Photoshop.

From thedreamstress.com-2011-11-more-terminology-what-is-a-pardessus-1861_may_24-viscountess-somerton-.

1861 (May 24) Viscountess Somerton, née Caroline Susan Augusta Barrington From thedreamstress.com-2011-11-more-terminology-what-is-a-pardessus-1861_may_24-viscountess-somerton-

This Silvy card is an excellent example of a dome crinoline and a pardessus covering garment. See the last image for the original.

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