1865 Countess Katinka Andrassy, born Countess Katharina Kendeffy by Borsos és Doctor, Pesten

Unsubstantiated rumor has it that her husband Gyula had a long standing relationship with Empress Elisabeth and that her son Rudolf was his. Her Magyar-language Wikipedia article is here.

From synnadene's photostream on flickr; image shampooed with Photoshop and sepia tone removed by gogm.

Countess Andrassy wears a hair net and a black lace shawl that partially covers her crinoline in this Boros & Doctor photo from 1865. Her dress has a high neckline or she is wearing a lace scarf. She does appear to be wearing an evening dress, suggesting the item around her neckline is a scarf.

Keywords:  1865, Boros & Doctor, Gyula Andrassy, Kendeffy family, Andrassy family, Countess, Hungarian, braided coiffure, hair net, scarf, lace, shawl, off shoulder neckline, bows, quarter length close sleeves, necklace, crinoline

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