1865 Countess Marie Branicka de Bialacerkiew by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Pennsylvania)

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has this nore for this portrait, "The Countess Marie Branicka de Bialacerkiew belonged to a socially prominent and wealthy Polish family living in Paris, where this portrait was painted."

From www.liveinternet.ru/users/katish_09/; size doubled by gogm.

Countess de Bialacerkiew looks vey comfortable in her crinoline dress and mantlet in this 1865 Winterhalter portrait.

Keywords:  1865, Winterhalter, Marie Branicka, Sapicka family, Branicki family, Countess, French, long curly coiffure, trapezoidal neckline, mantlet, ruching, epaulettes, lace, long full sleeves, crinoline, draped necklace, earrings

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