1865 Juliane, Countess of Brockdorff by Carl Wilhelm Friedrich Oesterley (auctioned by Christie's)

A brief genealogical sketch of her is here. Brockdorff was in Denmark, but is now in Germany. After several wars over Schleswig-Holstein, a referendum in 1920 fixed the German-Danish border in its present location - the north went Danish and the south went German.

From pinterest.com/2rita0459/woman-in-art-19c/; spots removed from background, particularly foliage and other small flaws removed from background with Photoshop.

1865 Juliane, Countess of Brockdorff Carl Wilhelm Friedrich Oesterley (auctioned by Christie's) From pinterest.com/2rita0459/woman-in-art-19c/.jpg

This portrait was posted after one from 1852. The portraits show how little fashion has changed. The major technological change, hoops, can't be seen.

Keywords:  1865, Oesterly, Julia Louise Elisabeth Sidonie Hildegard Alexandra, Gräfin von Brockdorff, countess of Brockdorff, von Brockdorff family, Countess, Danish, straight coiffure, floral headdress, necklace, crucifix pendant, chemise,  lace modesty piece, pleated bodice, off shoulder scoop neckline, floral bodice ornament, quarter length full sleeves, bracelets, lace wrap

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