1867 Laetitia Marie Wyse Bonaparte, Princess of Solmes and Countess Rattazzi by Disdéri

From WGABRY's photostream on flickr; scanning lines partially smoothed over with Photoshop and colored pixels turned to gray tones by gogm.

Letitia's dress is decorated with rows of pearls from bertha to skirt to train, but in a tasteful manner in this 1867 Disdéri photo.

Keywords:  1867, Disdéri, Letitia Bonaparte, Princess, Countess, Bonaparte family, long curly coiffure, tiara, off shoulder neckline, modesty piece, jeweled bertha, quarter length flared sleeves, vee waistline, crinoline, over-skirt, under-skirt, flounces, ruffles, necklace, earrings, jeweled skirt, jeweled train, bracelets, clasps, train

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