1869 French Court scenes from The Illustrated London News

The bustle is here! Skirts are slimming down and the fullness and center of attention are in back as shown in the bottom scene. Tournures (bustles) were used to create a rounded quarter-spherical bump behind the rest of the crinoline. The vee neckline that held sway since Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837 is not visible. Scoop necklines are common, the Empress, center of the upper scene, wears a bateau neckline, while the middle Lady in the bottom scene as well as the Empress above wear almost spaghetti strapped bateau necklines. Evening necklines are still off-shoulder. Straight hair is out - elaborate curls are in.

Keywords:  1869, French, long curly hair, off shoulder scoop neckline, off shoulder bateau neckline, bertha, lace, quarter length sleeves, straps, bows, natural waistline, bustle, crinoline, skirt drapery, over-skirt, ruffles, ruching, necklace, bodice ornament

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