ca. 1840 Therese Countess Sternberg, née Stadion by Alois von Anreiter (Bomann Museum, Tansey Collection of Miniatures - Celle, Niedersachsen Germany)

The Tansey Collection, from which this picture that I enlarged by half came from, has these notes, "The young Countess is presented before an intimated landscape and an extensive sky. She is decorated with jewelry, flowers and a Viennese shawl. Regarding structure and painting technique the portrait resembles the portraits by Daffinger which were very popular in Vienna between the late 1820's and the 1840's. In contrast to the English miniatures the Austrian miniatures of this period are characterized by matte colors. An inscription on the reverse of the typical Viennese "Biedermeier" frame identifies the sitter as Therese Countess Sternberg, née Stadion (1819-1893). She came from a distinguished family of the Viennese aristocracy and was the third of four children of Johann Philipp Franz Count Stadion Thannhausen and his wife Maria Kunigunde Countess Kesselstadt. In 1845 she married Zdenko Count Sternberg. "

The two-tiered bertha of Countess von Sternberg's typical evening dress of around 1840 could double as a modesty piece. Her sleeves have bows, but not engageantes. She wears a neo-hurluberlu coiffure.

Keywords:  1840, von Anreiter, Therese von Sternberg, Stadion family, von Sternberg family, Countess, Austrian, hurluberlu coiffure, off shoulder vee neckline, modesty piece, bertha, lace, quarter length tight sleeves, bows, vee waistline, full skirt, necklace, earrings, brooch, wrap 

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