ca. 1862 Archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria-Teschen possibly taken by Ludwig Angerer, Wien (no photographer listed)

Dang! There're more Maria Theresas somehow related Austria than you can shake a stick at! The Wikipedia article for this Maria Theresia is so brief it follows, "Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria (1845–1927)

For other people named Maria Theresa of Austria, see Maria Theresa of Austria (disambiguation). Maria Theresa of Austria Duchess of Württemberg

Maria Theresa of Austria (15 July 1845 – 8 October 1927) was a member of the Austrian house of Habsburg-Lorraine. 

Life -  Maria Theresa was a daughter of Archduke Albert, Duke of Teschen and Princess Hildegard of Bavaria.

On 18 January 1865 in Vienna she married Duke Philipp of Württemberg, a member of a cadet branch of the Royal House of Württemberg. He was the son of Duke Alexander of Württemberg and of Princess Marie d'Orléans.


Albrecht (1865–1939)

Maria Amelie (1865–1883)

Maria Isabella (1871–1904), married Prince Johann Georg of Saxony, second son of King George I of Saxony

Robert (1873–1947)

Ulrich (1877–1944)."

From synnadene's photostream on flickr.

This Maria Theresia wears a paletot with frogged buttons over a crinoline dress with a jacket bodice.

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