ca. 1864 Robe a été portée par la Duchesse de Cadore by ? (Galliera musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris - Paris France) Photo - P. Ladet and C. Pignol front quarter and back quarter

From Base Joconde; image, including white background 31.26 cm wide at 118.11 pixels/cm.

This is an approximate translation of Base Joconde's decription, "White chiffon summer dress with harlequin printed dots and purple and green and purple bouquets. Faille belt printed patterns of grapes and vine leaves; bodice neckline, button front, pagoda sleeves. Skirt with two ruffles. Node belt back. Flounced fichu."

The Duchess' dress has a natural waistline and a half conical crinoline with a hint of a dome. The fichu has a high neckline and a wide flounce.

Keywords:  1864, Ladet, Pignol, Marie de Bonneval, Duchesse de Cadore, Duchess of Cadore, Duchess, French, cape, high neckline, flounces, bodice, scoop neckline, waist band, elbow length close sleeves, pagoda sleeves, natural waist line, crinoline

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