Contessa Rinaldi by Angelo Inganni (location unknown to gogm)

This image is from, but probably originates with the capitolumart Site. The original image has several spots and a tear flaw in the curtain above the Countess' right arm and a larger flaw affecting her lower right shoulder and associated portion of the right sleeve of her dress that were repaired with Photoshop by gogm. The authenticity of her lower right shoulder and the upper part of the blue silk next to the shoulder cannot be assured - this was a large repair.  

The bertha panel of the Countess Rinaldi's dress is unusually large, extending from the neckline to the point of her bodice. The design of her dress is simple, but striking thanks to the vibrant blue silk fabric.

Keywords:  Inganni, Contessa Rinaldi, Countess, Italian, straight coiffure, feathered headdress, modesty piece, off shoulder vee neckline, bertha, quarter length close sleeves, vee waistline, full skirt, gloves, shoes, floral bodice ornament, earrings, bracelets, handkerchief, lace

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