Jeanina, Baroness Stampe (1833-1867) by Wilhelm Marstrand (location ?)

A genealogical sketch for her shows she died unmarried.

From; fixed bottom half of left edge with Photoshop and filled in shadows.

Jeanina, Baroness Stampe (1833-1867) by Wilhelm Marstrand (location ?) From shadows fixed

Her dress has an 1850s bodice - a bertha of narrow strips decorated with a central and shoulder bows and tight sleeves - plus a crinoline.

Keywords:  Marstrand, Jeanina Emilie Stampe, Stampe family, Baroness, Danish, straight coiffure, headdress, necklace, chemise, off shoulder straight neckline, quarter length tight under-sleeves, cuffs, bodice, bertha, bows, quarter length tight over-sleeves, vee waistline, crinoline, flounces, bracelets, gloves, handkerchief

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