1862 Princess Alice's wedding dress

Princess Alice, looking solemn here, married Ludwig of Hesse in July 1862 amid the mourning over the loss of Prince Albert the previous December. From Wikipedia:  "For the ceremony, Alice wore a white dress with a veil of Honiton lace, but was required to wear black mourning clothes before and after the ceremony. The Queen, sitting in an armchair, struggled to hold back her tears, and was shielded from view by the  prince of Wales and Prince Alfred, her second son, who cried throughout the service. The weather at Osborne was dreary, with winds blowing up from the Channel. The Queen wrote to her eldest daughter, Victoria, that the ceremony was 'more of a funeral than a wedding,' and remarked to Alfred, Lord Tennyson that it was 'the saddest day I can remember,' The ceremony—described by Gerard Noel as 'the saddest royal wedding in modern times' —was over by 4 pm...

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