Albumette:  Princesses Helena and Louise


Princess Helena Augusta Victoria: Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein by marriage was not well-placed to land her "Prince Charming." She was also said to be dowdy and have a double chin. She wed Prince Christian from the un-illustrious Schleswig-Holstein family who was fifteen years older than she. Her husband's origins pleased Queen Victoria who had them stay in Britain so Helena could help. She had six children, four of whom survived to adulthood. One of her sons served in the German Army until World War I, but was excused from fighting the UK by Kaiser Wilhelm II. Another son died of malaria while fighting in the Boer War.  She died in 1923, unpleasantly estranged from her siblings. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Princess Louise Caroline Alberta was said to be the prettiest of Queen Victoria's five daughters. She insisted on marrying a non-royal, provoking a scandal. Her mother had to intervene on her behalf to let the marriage go through. She married a member of the Sutherland family, John Campbell. They had no children. Her husband served as Viceroy of Canada between 1878 and 1883, overcoming both initial bad press and her loss of sister Princess Alice to diphtheria shortly before coming to Canada. She was honored by having a Canadian Forces regiment named for her, Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, now a reserve unit based in Hamilton, Ontario. They bore her coffin when she died in 1939. She had democratic sentiments, traveling only as Mrs. Campbell. She was a talented sculptor, painter, and performing artist. She was the most talented of Victoria's children - a group with other talented artists.

Lake Louise in Alberta Province is directly named for her and the Province carries her last given name as well as commemorates her father, Prince Albert. The original plan was to name the province Louise, but she had the plan changed to honor her father. I don't know what saying "Edmonton, Louisiana" would feel like. Her Wikipedia article is here.

I have seen that these Princesses can be confused with each other. Please notify me of misidentifications.

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