Princess Helena with her husband Prince Christian by Hills & Saunders

Prince and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein pose for this Hills & Saunders photo. Schleswig-Holstein was the subject of two wars barely a decade apart. The Prussians won the second one in 1864, beginning Bismark's drive towards unifying Germany by force. Many of the people in the southern part of south Schleswig-Holstein were German, the people further north were predominantly Danish; so the war was in large part justifiable by the standards of the day. The issue of proper sovereignty was settled by plebiscites in 1920.

Prince Christian was 15-years older than Helena and they lived in England, as insisted upon by Helena's mother. Their political situation was delicate - Helena's sister in law Alexandra was Danish and her oldest sister, Princess Royal Victoria, was married to the Prussian Crown Prince. Despite everything, Helena and Christian had a happy marriage.

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