1866 Presentation of the ladies of Chalons to the Empress by Francois Claudius Compte Calix (Chateau de Compiegne, Compiegne)

Compte Calix documented the continuing use of crinoline dresses in this 1866 drawing of Empress Eugénie and other women. I darkened the Reunion des Musees Nationaux (RMN) image by Franck Raux to bring out details of the dresses.

Photo credit - Franck Raux.

The ladies' dresses have round waistlines and a half-conical shape; vee waistlines had been standard since the 1830s and would come back in the 1870s. The lady to the left appears to be wearing a paletot while the Empress appears to be wearing a cape.

Keywords:  Compte-Calix, Empress Eugenie, Empress, Bonaparte family, French, straight coiffure, hat, bows, long close sleeves, cuffs, natural waist line, crinoline, bows, flounces, ruffles, shawl, paletot, cape

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