Viscountess Duncan, Countess Craven, Lady Louisa Fortescue, and Hon. Mrs. Fox-Maule

The ladies are described from left to right. Juliana Cavendish Philips' article in thepeerage is here. Her married name became Duncan-Haldane. Emily Mary, née Grimston, Countess Craven's article in thepeerage is here. Lady Louisa Grace Fortescue, née Butler's, article in thepeerage is here. Mrs. Montague Fox-Maule, née Abercrombie's, article in thepeerage is here.

The prints were found on eBay as Queen Victoria Court Beaut(ies). Viscountess Duncan's portrait is also at the National Portrait Gallery, London (NPG); they state it is by William Henry Egleton, after Frank Stone and that it was published in 1841. Countess Emily Craven's portrait, by William Holl Jr., and by Francis Holl, after John Hayter published 1840, is also there as is Lady Louisa Grace Fortescue's portrait, by Edward Francis Finden, printed by McQueen (Macqueen), published by T.G. March, after Andrew Robertson in 1842. However, I could not find Mrs. Montague Fox-Maule's portrait at NPG. 

Viscountess Duncan, Countess Craven, Lady Louisa Fortescue, and Hon. Mrs. Fox-Maule

Three of the Ladies wear interesting sleeves. Viscountess Duncan's have vertical strips at the shoulder join, then a plain section, then another with vertical strips, and then the cuff section. Countess Craven's sleeves are widely-flared and may be two sections stitched together, Mrs. Fox-Maule's sleeves have a middle section that looks like the hybrid of a gigot sleeve and a banana sleeve. The sleeve at the shoulder join is vertical strips maybe 1 cm wide by maybe 10 cm long at the most followed by a stack of horizontal strips, and then the banana. These three Ladies wear straight coiffures. Lady Fontescue wears a neo-hurluberlu coiffure and chignon and an on shoulder neckline similar to a capelet. Mrs. Fox-Maule also wears an on shoulder vee neckline framed by a lace bertha.

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