1791 Anna Cetner, future Duchess of Elbeuf by Élisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun (Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth Texas)

Elbeuf is a town in Haute Normandy France. She married Charles Eugène of Lorraine, a member of the Guise branch of the Lorraine family. Her family name can be rendered as Cetner or Zetzner. While there is no Wikipedia article about her, batguano's authoritative Vigée-Lebrun site has a biography of her.

Acording to batguano, "Vigee Le Brun had aspirations as a landscape painter. Early in her career she had copied paintings by Joseph Vernet. Though many of the portraits painted in France before the Revolution contain vistas of trees, shrubbery, and open sky, in Italy she began to make serious attempts at painting landscape for its own sake, directly from nature. She sometimes integrated these into her portraits. For the most ambitious of these, that of Countess Potocka, she chose a romantically picturesque grotto, undoubtedly an evocation of the celebrated gardens of Tivoli. Behind the Countess, a hazy sunlit landscape of moss and ivy covered rocks, includes a series of waterfalls." She is not in Normandy.

The chaos that overtook fashion in 1789 can be seen here as Anna probably wears a sheath with fichu, residuuals of the ancien régime with high mountains behind her.

Keywords:  1791, Vigée-Lebrun, Lorraine family, Duchess, bouffant coiffure, ribbon headdress, square neckline, modesty piece, fichu, long tight sleeves, waist band, sheathe, full skirt, wrap

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