1792 Countesses (Hrabianki) Thun von Hohenstein by Wincenty de Lesseur (Polish Museum, Rapperswil - Rapperswil Switzerland)

From Wikimedia; size doubled by gogm.

This portrait shows fashion when there was no leadership and style was what could be made of it locally. The coiffures are late 80s French style while the dresses are something like or derived from French models in the late 1780s.

Keywords:  1792, de Lesseur, Maria Wilhelmine von Thun und Hohenstein, Thun und Hohenstein family, Countess. Austrian, curly coiffure, long curly coiffure, cap, hair jewelry, veil, jeweled floral headdress, jeweled headdress, scoop neckline, vee neckline, buttons, criss-cross bodice, long tight sleeves, cuffs, waist band, belt, jeweled buckle, jewelry, brooch, clasps, bracelets, wrap

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