1793 Baronne de Chalvet-Souville by Francois-Andre Vincent (Louvre)

Baroness Chalvet-Souville wears a plain, but elegant white dress with a purple sash and blue waistband for color. She also wears a jewel, possibly a watch, and finger ring making me wonder where this was painted. She wears a cape-like shoulder-covering garment and the jewel may be suspended from a vee-shaped purple ribbon, what I just called a sash. Her neckline may be framed by a plain fich tied up in a little knot above the jewel. However she arranged her dress, she was very successful.

Keywords:  1793, Vincent, Baroness, long curly coiffure, vee neckline, cape, fichu, sash, long tight sleeves, waist band, natural waistline, full skirt, pendant, rings

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