1793 Countess Maria Theresa Czernin, nee Schönborn-Heussenstamm (Castle Krásný Dvůr - Krásný Dvůr, Ústecký kraj, Czech Republic)

A genealogical sketch of her is here.

It took a while for the Greco-Roman look to sweep all of Europe as can be sen by the fullness of Countess Maria Theresa Czernin's skirt. Fashion appears to have slowed to a glacial pace - the Countess' dress could be from 1788.

Keywords:  1793, Vigée-Lebrun, Maria Theresa Czernin, Schönborn-Heussenstamm family, Czernin family, Countess, Austrian, long curly bouffant coiffure, feathered ribboned hat, scoop neckline, modesty piece, wrap, long tight sleeves, full skirt

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