1795 Baroness Emilie Pichon, Alexandrine Émilie Brongniart, by François Gérard (Yale University Art Gallery, Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

I cannot find information about her, but there are French-language Wikipedia articles about her husband, Louis-André Pichon who was involved in negtiating a peace between the USA and France and was later involved in the Louisiana Purchase that changed the USA from a coastal state to a potential continent-sized power, and her father, noted architect Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart. The turmoil in France spilled into the Atlantic Ocean resulting in near war between France and the USA. The spillover from the Napoléonic wars resulted in a full-blown war starting in 1812 that saw the UK take Washington, DC and burn down the President’s mansion, the White House, but not seize the nearby port of Baltimore. The attack on Baltimore is comemorated in the USA’s national anthem. It was an early use of barrage rockets, ancestors of today’s Katyusha rockets. Communications were slow so a UK task force attempted to seize the port of New Orleans, a result of the Louisiana Purchase, in 1815 not knowing the war was already over. They attacked hastily-erected fixed fortifications and lost. The commander of the defenders, Andrew Jackson, became a national hero and was later elected President. A local pirate who helped defend New Orleans, Jean Laffite (that’s the way he spelled his last name), became a historical personality.

From artgallery.yale.edu/collections/objects/149203; filled in the shadows enough to show the extent of her coiffure.

2010.97.1, 149203

Yale’s notes state she wears a gauzy chemise under a pale dress. The dress is completely off shoulder, held on by circular bands.

Keywords:  1795, Gérard, Alexandrine Émilie Brongniart, Émilie Pichon, Brongniart familyPichon family, Baroness, French, braided coiffure, bangs, head band, necklace, chemise, straight neckline, dress, off-shoulder bateau neckline, tight sleeves, waist band, natural high waistline

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