1795 Madame Pierre Seriziat (née Emilie Pecoul) with her Son by Jacques-Louis David (Louvre)

Jacques-Louis David was the de facto chronicler of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire periods.

This 1795 David portrait of Mme. Seriziat shows her wearing a huge hat over a ruffled lace head cover - almost a bonnet. This also shows the decollete scoop neckline so prominent at the time with either a criss-crossed chemise or a fichu to fill in the opening. It is a wonderful illustration of Revolutionary style.

Keywords:  1795, David, French, long curly coiffure, hat, jeweled hat ornament, lining, lace, fichu, vee neckline, long tight sleeves, buttons, waist band, natural wasitline, close skirt

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