1797 Baroness Eleonora von Sorgenthal by Josef Grassi (Boris Wilnitsky)

Boris Wilnitsky has this note about the portrait, "Counts Seeau is an old noble family from the Upper Austria. We were able to find on the web information about our sitter. She was born as Eleonora Countess von Seeau, daughter of Reichsgraf Franz Johann von Seeau zu Muehlleuthen and Baroness Maria von Sumerau. In 1796 she married Freiherr (Baron) Konrad Aegyd Soergel von Sorgenthal. She died in 1810."

French style invaded all of Europe, including the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with loose outfits with waistlines marked by just a band or belt.

Keywords:  1797, Grassi, Baroness, Austrian, curly coiffure, head band, scoop neckline, long tight sleeves, Empire belt, low waistline, jeweled belt buckle, wrap

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