1800/05 Countess Palffy attributed to Johann Baptist Lampi the Younger (Boris Wilnitsky)

Boris Wilnitsky has these notes about the portrait:  "Portrait of Countess Ernestine Palffy Hoyos (1764-1843), wife of Count Karoly Palffy (1767-1823) and daughter of Johann Leopold Innocenz Count Hoyos-Sprinzenstein and Maria Leopoldine Countesse Herbenstein. 

This portrait came from the Viennese heirs of the Family Palffy. It has been in the collection of their family castle for two hundreds years and was entitled later with the name of the sitter in white color following the custom back then of naming the sitters of paintings in the gallery of ancestors. This inscription was rather coarse and disharmonious for the composition, so that our restorer removed it. The photograph of the painting before restoration can be seen in our additional image.

This painting matches absolutely all stylistic criteria of the works of the Austrian artist Johann Baptist Lampi the Younger (1775 Trient - 1837 Vienna)."

In looking for the background of the Palffy family, it seems they were all over the parts of Europe under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Ziggy Pálffy plays on the HK36 Skalica professional hockey team of the Slovak Extraliga after playing professional hockey for teams in the USA.

This shows how primitive Revolutionary dress had become - a drawstring at the neckline, a waistband below the bust, and you're dressed.

Keywords:  1800, Lampi the Younger, Countess Palffy, Palffy family, long curly hair, scoop neckline, long close sleeves, cuffs, jeweled waist band, Empire waistline, wrap

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