1806 Marchioness of Townshend in La Belle Assemblée "The Marchioness of Townshend in her full Court Dress as worn by her Ladyship on the Queen's Birth Day 1806"

As far as I can tell, her name is Sarah and she was in an unusual marriage to George Townshend, himself the result of an unusual marriage of his father George Townshend to a Charlotte Mainwaring-Ellerker who died in 1802.

Court dress away from France did not accept classically-inspired dress, preferring to retain hoops, as this 1806 print of Marquise Townshend shows. However, the vee waistline is missing, replaced by a waist band and Empire waistline.

Keywords:  1806, Marquise, British, curly coiffure, jeweled feathered headdress, chemise, scoop neckline, quarter length close sleeves, forward-back flared engageantes, lace, waist band, Empire waistline, panniers, over-skirt, ruffles, tassels, necklace, bracelets, court dress

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