1810s Comtesse Curial, née Clémentine Beugnot, maitresse de Stendhal by ? (Galerie Jaegy-Theoleyre - Paris France)

She was a mistress of Stendhal. She is mentioned in his French Wikipedia article.

From www.jaegy-theoleyre.com/page.php?slug=quick-view.

The sitter wears a gorgeous headdress that contrasts with her dark hair and accents the white with red accents of her dress.

Keywords:  comtesse Curial, Clémentine Beugnot, Countess, French, mistress, Stendhal, curly coiffure, jeweled headdress, jeweled headband, square décolletage, epaulettes, quarter length close sleeves, waist band, Empire waistline, close skirt, necklace, earrings, wrap

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